Thursday, October 18, 2007

Daisy Days

Our New York friend, who lives nearby, and I love this new show called Pushing Daisies. If you haven't watched it or haven't heard of it, the show is about a guy who has this "gift" of being able to bring dead things alive with a touch. However, if he touches them again they will go back to being dead. It's an odd concept but the show is fabulously funny. I love its dark humor. But the show is so bright...tons of primary colors, quirky funny characters, and I love that the clothes are from an odd era...maybe the sixties? he came over and cooked us dinner, I bought the wine, and we watched the show. Amazing how much more TV I watch now that we have DVR. The show is on at eight and we didn't get around to watching it until about 9:30. He cooked an amazing concoction of ginger chicken with red pepper flakes and cayene pepper over jasmine rice, broccoli, and sauted onions. Mmmm. Super spicy which I LOVE! Oh...and the wine I got is from Chile called Santa Rita six buck wine I've tasted....if you find it try it :)

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