Friday, July 1, 2011

Paris in July

I love that BookBath and Thyme for Tea are hosting Paris in July.  I absolutely adore this idea.  Here's what it entails:

There will be no rules or targets in terms of how much you need to do or complete in order to be a part of Paris in July - just blog about anything French and you can join in. Some ideas for the month might include:

- Reading a French book - fiction or non-fiction

- Watching a French movie

- Listening to French music

- Cooking French food

- Experiencing French art, architecture or travel (lucky Tamara!)

- Or anything else French inspired you can think of...
So I think I'm going to join in.  I have no clue how I'm going to fit in Parisian reads amongst my other reads but hopefully I'll find the time.  I'm sure my July will stretch into August and September but really, who cares.  I attempted to join in last year and did not read a single thing...but check out my post for some of my photos of when I went to Paris a long time ago.

Here's some of my review copies I hope to read:

1. The Paris Wife - Paula McLain
2. French Lessons - Ellen Sussman
3. The Most Beautiful Walk in the World - John Baxter

Maybe I'll even try watching a French film or try a French dish.  Who knows?

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