Friday, April 1, 2011

Once Upon a Time V

Sigh.  I love this time of year because it's Carl's annual Once Upon a Time Challenge.  Yippee!!

Last year we were probably on the road moving from New York City so I missed it it.  You can check out the books I read for the Once Upon a Time III though.  I had so much fun! 

This time I am challenging myself to only read books from my to-read shelves at home. The categories for the challenge are fantasy, fairy tales, folklore and mythology.  I think I have more fantasy books than any of the other categories.  Here's some I grabbed really quickly, although some might not fit the category.  Does future dystopian fit the "fantasy" category?  What do you think?

I'm currently reading book two of Tales of the Otori which is listed under "fantasy" so that counts.

I would LOVE to read Carolyn Turgeon's new book, Mermaid, since I reviewed her first two books Godmother and Rain Village and thought they were just magical.  Perfect for this challenge.  Passages to the Past has a giveaway and interview with her going on right now.

Which leads me to which challenge should I sign up for?  I think I can do better than just one book so I'm going to go for:
 Which means I need to read at least five books that fit within the categories.  I can do that, right?

Here we go!

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