Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bookish Photos 1-5 #EstellaGram

The the last week or so has been a bit crazy.  It was my birthday AND we found out that we are going to be adding another baby boy to our family in July!  I realized that I have been horrible at blogging and all that stuff - usually because naps take a bit of precedence over a lot of stuff AND my son is seriously addicted to my iPad.  I'm still reading a good deal which is awesome.  When I saw The Estella Society post this Bookish Photo a Day Challenge I thought what a great way to pick up my blogging.  Obviously I'm way behind but hey, some it better than nothing.  

So here we go:

1. bookshelves

This is my "read" shelf from IKEA.  Obviously I am running out of room to store my favorite books I've read.  I recently bought one of those invisible bookshelf things from Barnes & Noble to display a stack of my favorite books.  If it works well I'll buy a few more so that I can display some around the house.

2. TBR

This is the shelf cubby on my desk my husband made me.  I reserve it for my upcoming reads.  There's a ton more to-reads on my main shelves and a space missing since I just pulled out Wildish by Robert Parry to read.

3. unread

These are my latest additions.  My husband took me out for dinner on my birthday and I decided instead of going to a movie which is starting to be expensive we'd take that money and hit up the bookstore instead.  I adore Connie Willis and have been dying to add these two to my collection for forever.  I haven't read them yet but come on...time travel and WWII...Hugo and Nebula winners...and Connie freakin' Willis....

4 fiction

This is probably the scariest/best place in my house.  These are all my un-read fiction books.  Yeah.  My husband keeps threatening/promising to build me built in bookshelves.  I keep hoping his already packed and busy schedule opens up so he can come through with that.  Le sigh.  Most of these books are ARCs I've been horribly behind on, library book sale books, and books I've won.

5 non-fiction

This is my small cram packed non-fiction to-reads shelf downstairs.  I keep meaning to add more non-fiction to my reads but I haven't been very good at it either.  Most of these are library sale books, books I've gotten or inherited from my mom and dad or other family member, college books I've wanted to revisit, and a few that I've won.

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  1. Glad someone else has overflowing books like me. My multiple bookcases could use a good sorting, but I am the only one qualified and it's not happening. lol!!