Friday, August 27, 2010

Yikes! And More!

Ok. So just got a counter on a house we bid on. Yippee!!  We are still a little hmmm on it though.  Ok, my husband more so than I.  It's a bit further out from his work than he'd like but I love the house.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyways, onward to more photos.

After Kansas City we hit Colorado where much of my family lives.  Don't let the surroundings fool you, there's mountains in this state (somewhere).

My friend has an adorable little one and I caught this photo of him looking at my husband.

Then we went to the fair.  Like you do.  So we saw cows:

Sheep who make lovely faces:

And a historic wooden carousel from the early 20th Century.  For twenty-five cents we all took a ride (except my husband who snapped photos).

As we drove West we saw a cool rain storm and could just barely see the mountains in the distance.

A few days later my mom and her husband took us to a Rockies game at Coors Field. 

From the stadium there are cool views of the city.  Can you pick out my favorite building (looks like a cash register)?

I like that it tells you where the Mile marker is: One mile high
Of course, the Rockies won:

Ok. Since I forgot to post these, I'll do it now.  I went to Colorado back in June when my sister and nephew were also there from Alaska.  My nephew has gotten so big!  I was teaching him how to jump:

We all took a little trip up to Estes Park for the day and driving up I saw these guys on the side of the road:

Here's just a few photos of the town:

Ok.  Enough for now. Got to finish up some stuff.  I'll be back posting about my Alaska trip.  Bye!


  1. The Merry-Go-Round looks in beautiful condition; that brings back memories. The town and ballpark looks awesome as well. Great pictures/

  2. naked sheet always make me smile :)

    I'm trying to get caught up on all the posts I've missed lately - now I'm off to see if you've posted more about the house!

  3. That was totally supposed to say "naked sheep" ... :)