Friday, August 27, 2010

In which I am back


I am back!  I am currently typing away at my computer in a rental home in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I woke up early, grabbed a cup of coffee, and decided it was high time I let you all know how I am (hello Bibliophile by the Sea!).  Please forgive me if I tend to ramble.  This past month I have packed up our rental home in Kentucky, driven to Colorado to see family, flown to Alaska for a wedding, toured around Alaska with Kentucky friends, flown to Vegas, and am attempting to find a job and buy a house.  Yeah.  I am a bit tuckered out.  But it's time to share photos!  Woohoo!

Ok.  Step one. The Great Move.  Wait, no, we went camping first.  Of course we did.

Step one. Mammoth Cave National Park.

The pups chillin' out at the camp site.

It's amazing how much trust we put in a park guide to lead us to a creepy little door in the side of a mountain.

This cool shot of the park guide was taken by my husband.  Nice job!

It's hard to get good photos in a cave.  This is pretty much the only one that doesn't look all blurry and make me a little sick to look at:

Here I am with my friend Rachel from A Bohemian's Book Reviews.

Then a few friends, my husband, and I decided to do the Kentucky Bourbon Trial.  You see, if you hit them all and get a stamp you get a free t-shirt.  O yeah.  So off we went. 

The Kentucky Bourbon Passport - we printed them out at home and do you like my fabulous coloring job?

Cheesing it up at Jim Beam.

I think this one is at Maker's Mark.

This one is Four Roses.  So beautiful:

We passed by a field of tobacco and I had to snap a photo:

I loved this part of Kentucky.  Bluegrass and race horse training tracks (window was tinted, sorry for the color):

I knew race horses made money but seriously:

Woodford Reserve has some gorgeous buildings:

And the Bourbon Trail wouldn't be complete without the Bourbon Barrel Family:

After much back breaking packing, we were off!  All of our worldly possessions fit into two of these Uhaul boxes.  Sigh.

The first sight seeing we did was St. Louis.  How cool is this arch? 

The arch symbolizes the "gateway to the west" and has a really cool museum in the visitor's center.  When I was in junior high I first visited St. Louis and got to go up inside and ride to the top of the arch.  This time I was more interested in the museum and the history.  But the arch is still impressive.  It was hard to get it all in some of the photos:

I was also amazed at the water level of the river.  It was flowing over the sidewalks.  Here's me pretending to pout because the Riverboat Cruise was closed. (Note: Almost everything is closed in St. Louis on Sundays. Especially BBQ restaurants.  Just be aware.)
But don't worry, we got or BBQ fix in Kansas City.  Here's where we found the best BBQ.

The ribs were seriously to die for:

Ok friends, that's it for now.  I'm off to finish my cover letter so I can get a much desired job.  Wish me luck!


  1. The Gateway Arch is very cool. I was pregnant and cranky when we visited but I had a great time there. It's quite a nifty place.

    I'm glad your travels have slowed and you can relax a bit. Good luck with the job search!

  2. Amanda, this photos are just awesome. You really have been on a whirlwind tour of sorts. Best of Luck finding a job you love!

    Thanks again!

  3. You must be exhausted!
    Best of luck with the job hunting.

  4. Wow! You look like you had a great time! Love all the photos. I want to go to Kentucky now... Ooh! St. Louis! One of my favorite authors lives there.Good luck!

  5. Welcome back! My haven't you been busy! It looks like it's been fun though.

  6. You didn't happen to find a small ring that turns the wearer invisible while you were in that cave, did you? I think I lost mine there.