Friday, June 19, 2009

Carnegie Hall and Pink Martini

My husband wanted to surprise me with tickets to a favorite band of mine, Pink Martini. They were supposed to be an early anniversary (our 2nd!) gift. But then he realized that they were on a day when he was going to be out of town for a fishing trip with the buddies. Darn. So I went with Rachel because we are both big fans.

It was at Carnegie Hall, a venue I've never been to before. How exciting! We went after work so I didn't have my camera with me. But here's a photo from wikipedia of the inside:
Isn't it gorgeous!

And Pink Martini was great. They have a huge group:
Their lead singer, China Forbes, has an amazing voice and a great stage presence.
I was introduced to Pink Martini by a good friend of mine who bought me their second CD. She has great taste in music and said it just sounded like something I'd like.

Here's a video on one of my favorite songs. Not that great quality since it's live.

Here they are on David Letterman.

This is a great song too and only music video I could find of theirs:


  1. Being a compulsive ballroom dance categorizer, I label "Sympathetique" a good foxtrot!

  2. They are good. Couldn't access the first one, but I think that is because of England's ban on viewing music videos on Utube. It is so daft. Carnegie Hall - wow - I am so jealous of where you live.

  3. Fun! We got to see Pink Martini at an outdoor theatre last summer at the Seattle Zoo - loved them.

  4. There's so much I would've done to see that show. My good friends and their band "Sneakin' Out" were supposed to be the opening act.