Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Odds and Ends

I thought I'd just do a random post today.  I noticed that the more people read my blog the more nervous I get about just blabbing about random stuff.  Which is what I normally just like to do.  So here we go...

I've been noticing that my reading habits have drastically changed.  I normally prefer to read a physical book.  But since little Rocket is now more mobile (he started crawling AND walking last week) it gets harder and harder to sit down with a book.  I used to read spend my time feeding him and reading but he LOVES to kick or slap my book so I can't do that anymore.

You know you want to see current Rocket photos.  Here you go:

Modeling the hat mama made for a friend's baby

Feeding himself his favorite food: mangos

Where were we? O yeah.  Now my main physical book reading time is sometimes when my husband gives me a few hours at night to escape while he watches Rocket and I can take a bubble bath and read.  Problem is -- bubble baths and serious books (or disturbing ones like The Dispatcher) aren't really bubble bath books.

I've also been in a huge audio book kick.  Since I'm a stay at home mom now, putting Rocket down for a nap then putting on an audio book and while doing chores around the house is the perfect thing for me.  I've currently listened to The Poe Shadow (awesome narrator), Maisie Dobbs, and I'm currently trying my hand at my first Charles de Lint book The Onion Girl.

I've also been loving eBooks on my iPhone at night.  I'm currently taking medication that is messing with my sleep and since I can't find a book light I like, eBooks have been perfect at night.  I've been reading classics like Persuasion, North and South, and The Scarlet Pimpernel.  I finally figured out how to check out library eBooks and Audio Books with the Overdrive app so I may have a wider selection to choose from.

Obviously from the plethora of books I've mentioned and the lack of reviews, I've got a LOT of catching up to do.

I'm also reading some interesting review books but they are going a bit slow because they are a little deep.  Bring Me One of Everything is a fascinating story about an anthropologist and the moral dilemmas they sometime face.  The other is The Discovery of Jeanne Baret -- a non-fiction about the first woman to travel around the world.

I also noticed that Carl has the Once Upon a Time challenge up and running.

I adore his challenges!  I am not sure I can read a lot for this one though but I still want to do at least one or two.  I noticed that he's going to do a Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman read-a-long.  !!!!  That was my first Gaiman book (and my favorite because it was my first) and I finally won a copy to add to my Gaiman collection.  O yeah I'm going to definitely do the read-a-long.  Since the challenge runs through mid-June I'm sure I can do  more than one book but you never know.  So I'm going to do The Journey -- one book and have enjoy the ride. If you've never participated in Carl's fun challenges....go sign up for this one!

Well that's it for now!  Off to do some laundry and listen to The Onion Girl.  Bye!

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