Friday, January 13, 2012

Coming Soon

I thought I'd mention just a few books that have hit my radar recently.  I've been pretty bad blogging about recent book acquisitions but there are also other books I just want to throw out.  It also keeps me from having tons of scraps of paper laying around.  So here we go:

Charles Todd

What hole have I been hiding in that I have not heard of this guy's books before?  I first heard of him a couple days ago over a Book Club Girl where she talks about the movie War Horse, WWI and Charles Todd.  Todd's books center around WWI and it seems he's got two popular series going: Inspector Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford, a WWI nurse.  A Duty to the Dead is the first in the Bess Crawford series I think I'm going to HAVE to check out.

It seems like with War Horse and with the popular (and yes I'll admit I was watching last Sunday yay!!) Downton Abbey series on PBS, WWI history is IN.  And if you want more Downton Abbey reading stuff, check out this New York Times article.  Fun stuff.

(P.S. - Sad moment for me.  My husband will NOT stop making fun of me because I kept calling the show Downtown Abbey.  I KNOW the Abbey was called Downton but for some reason the title made me think of Upstairs Downstairs, especially after watching the new one that came out last year.  Ok. I know.  I've been duly corrected and feel very silly.)

In February I'm going to have the chance to review Matthew Pearl's new book The Technologists for TLC Book Tours.  Do you remember this post where this book is on my wish-list?  Yay!  A few years ago I reviewed his book The Last Dickens (my review) and will be also reading another book I have on my shelf, The Poe Shadow.

In March I'll be reviewing a couple other books for TLC Book Tours.  How cool do these sound?

Enchantments by Kathryn Harrison
Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution, Rasputin's daughter, the Prince Alyosha -- looks awesome.

The Dispatcher by Ryan David Jahn
East Texas, a daughter presumed dead and then a phone call, a police dispatcher and a comparison to No Country for Old Men.

Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay
Aging Russian ballet star puts her antique jewelry up for sale, reminisces about her past and the perhaps secret hidden within her jewels.   Ooooo.

This one isn't for TLC Tours but it's on my bookshelf and has been calling to me to read it.  Then I saw that TLC is hosting and I thought, perfect timing!  I love reading a book and then seeing a lot of different reviews that I can check out.

Veiled in Shadows by Allan Russell
I little while ago I splurged and bought a book that I've been eyeing for a while.  I've been a big fan of Allan's blog Publish or Perish.  He lives in Melbourne, Australia and he posts the coolest photos of Melbourne and his travels around the area.  The book is about WWII and centers around an SS guard and what happens when his love, a half-German heiress disappears.   I definitely love WWII novels.  I also love love the cover he chose.

Ok. That's it for now!  Rocket is rolling around on the floor and keeps eating carpet.  How do you stop a baby from eating carpet?  Here he is on Christmas opening presents.  We gave him another haircut a few days after so he now looks like a little boy.

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