Thursday, December 15, 2011

Personal Wish-List Challenge

I've been composing my own little wish-list of books that have been coming out by my favorite authors. It seems like just recently there's an onslaught of them. I figured I might as well keep a running tally of them and link them under my Challenges page. What's on your wish-list?

Charles Frazier - Nightwoods   I loved loved Thirteen Moons but thought Cold Mountain was ok.  I want to this one out and see how it is.

David Liss - The Twelfth Enchantment   My husband and I listened to the audio version of Whiskey Rebels and I loved his writing and the characters.  I keep collecting his books - I have two on my shelf I need to read, but The Twelfth Enchantment sounds a bit different than his normal fare and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Ann Pachett - State of Wonder 
I thought Bel Canto was pretty darn good (if not a bit purposefully heart wrenching), Run (my review) was pretty good too, and I recently found a used copy of Truth & Beauty I've been wanting to dig into.  I've heard that State of Wonder is pretty good too.  Must check it out.

Thomas Mullen - The Revisionists 
One of my favorite books I've read in recent memory is Thomas Mullen's book The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers.  A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  Read it now.  Read my review.  Then read Leafing Through Life's review.  She agrees that it is awesome.  And how cool does his new book sound about time travel?  May need to actually buy this one.  I know!

Matthew Pearl - The Technologists
I've read and reviewed his book The Last Dickens and recently found a copy of The Poe Shadow.  This one, about post Civil War and MIT --- sounds fascinating to me.

Candice Millard - Destiny of the Republic: A tale of medicine, madness, and the murder of an American President

Years ago I read and fell in love with her book River of Doubt about Teddy Roosevelt's trip down the Amazon River.  O yeah.  So cool.  So when I heard she finally came out with a new book, I knew I had to read it.  It's gotten amazing good reviews.  It's about the attempted assassination of President Garfield - a Civil War hero and how Alexander Graham Bell (yes THE telephone guy) tried to help save his life.  Oooo.

Alice Hoffman - The Dovekeepers
I'll admit I first heard of Hoffman when I saw the movie Practical Magic.  I read the book (my review) and then fell in love with her after reading The River King (my review).  I have a stack of her books on my shelf waiting to be read.  But The Dovekeepers is a bit of a departure from her norm and I've heard it is AMAZING.  Must buy.

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