Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Days of Lists

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So I was perusing some of my favorite blogs and I came across Click. The Good News' post on a cool thing called 30 Days of Lists.  Check out her posts here and here.

Anyways, so I decided to check it out and sign up.

I feel a little scattered right now.  I just had a baby, we just moved (again), I feel like the house is a wreck because we moved in when I was pregnant....anyway....

I love love lists.  I always have notebooks, scraps of paper, etc just jotting down lists and thoughts.

While picking up some groceries at Target, I came across this awesome Moleskine notebook on clearance for under 2 bucks.  Awesome, right?

My Book of Lists

So today's to-do is: Goals for This Month

I have so many goals.  And not just for this month.  I have a lot of fixing up on my blog - finish the blog roll list, update my review list so all the links are for this blog and not my old one, transfer reviews to GoodReads, LibraryThing, etc.

I have personal goals.  Our house is a mess so I am working room to room to clean and organize.  Can you guess that I am making a cleaning list?  Things that need cleaning daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

I am going to stop using Flickr and start using Google to manage my blog photos. I also need to print out some more photos of Little Rocket to send to family.

I've been working out a bit but I want to get on a schedule and a plan to get back into running and maybe eventually be able to run for causes again.  Since my dad passed from Leukemia, it's been on my heart to join a Team in Training.

I need to manage my clothes.  I seriously lack in the wardrobe department.  That and a ton of my clothes don't fit well anymore or I just lack a lot of basics.  My jewelry is also a big jumbled mess from the move, so I want to re-organize all that.

These are just some of the on-going list of things I want to accomplish.  What do you think? Do you have goals you want to accomplish this month?  Do you love lists?

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