Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Rocket - Almost 11 weeks

Finally little Rocket is down for a nap without me holding him.  I guess it's the perfect time to post a few photos of my new little addition.  Monday will be 11 weeks since he came into this world and I couldn't be happier.  He is such a wonderful baby, sleeps amazingly well through the night, and is giving me the cutest little smiles now.  I even caught a few laughs the last couple of days!  Without further ado, here's me and Rocket last Sunday:

How cute and chunky is he?  I'm trying to do the whole breastfeeding thing and apparently it's working - very well.  He is super healthy and chunky.  When he was seven weeks he weighed 14 pounds 3 ounces.

You might have noticed I now have short hair! I've been debating cutting it for a while and when I saw Color Me Katie's post about donating to Locks of Love - I decided to do that as well.  Here I am with longer hair and Rocket's first official bath:

I have pretty straight hair, as you can tell.  My husband has very curly hair.  So little man's hair is very curly when wet.  To cut down on the cradle cap, I brush it after his bath.  I can't help messing with it...thus the curly mohawk here:

I love having short hair right now.  I feel very Doctor Girlfriend.

He's learned to suck his thumb (since about week 2). This is Rocket at 8 1/2 weeks:

He's so adorable when he sleeps:

And he's awake now, so blogging time is over.  I will share more later - and take more photos NOT on the iPhone - hate the whole geo-tagging thing.

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