Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Well, I was going to wait and tell you all, but I thought why not just tell you now. A couple of weeks ago, I went and visited my family in Colorado and then flew out to Las Vegas to see a friend get married. Before I lived in New York, my husband and I lived in Las Vegas for two years. Well, my husband saw some people he used to work with and they pretty much offered him a job.

 So after we came back to Kentucky, we thought long and hard. Las Vegas: husband has a job and UNLV has same program he wants to get into. Kentucky: no job and same University program. So it wasn't too hard for my husband to accept the job offer and we are off again. We decided to go with the U-haul's U-Box program so they are picking up our stuff tomorrow and we'll be off.

 Sheesh. I know. I am pretty sick of packing and moving myself, but this is going to be a good move. My husband has a job, I have a good opportunity to find a job, he still gets to go back to school, and we have some friends in the area.

Here's a photo from that Vegas trip a few weeks back of me and my friend. I was so excited that they finally put a parking area around this sign so people aren't darting into traffic to take a photo any more.

Thankfully I didn't change my blog title to a New Kentuckian!  By the way, I will still miss the lovely Kentucky side and will post some more Kentucky photos, but until then, we are on our way to Las Vegas!


I'm also making a side tour to visit Colorado family again AND a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska in early August for a wedding.  I will definitely take photos in the Rocky Mountains and the Land of the Midnight Sun and share with you all.  Hasta luego!


  1. Ooh, sounds like fun, and I'm sure new adventures await!

  2. Good golly -- now you are REALLY far away! I've only been to Vegas once. It scared me. :)

  3. You are just a movin' fool! But wow, this must be a great opportunity for your husband - congratulations to him. :)

    And good idea getting help with the move this time ...

  4. Good luck on the move and my best wishes to you and the family.

  5. Wow, your life is just a whirlwind of excitement. I know it might seem a real hassle to you, but it seems exciting to everyone else. I look forward to hearing more about Vegas.

  6. Interesting! New York, Kentucky, and now Nevada. I've never been to any of these states and the closest I've come to Vegas is through books lol. I hope you didn't unpack too much!

  7. That sounds fantastic! Good luck with the move and everything! How exciting for you both!!