Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday on Long Island

This past Sunday we decided to get some fresh air and get out of Manhattan. My husband's co-worker gave us a cool book for Christmas about hiking in New York City with dogs. So my husband researched one on Long Island and off we went. It wasn't really a hike so much as a walk. It was about four or five miles around Stump Lake and it was great! Ok...be prepared for an onslaught of photos:

Here's a view of leaving town:
Looking back at the city:
Stump Lake:
I must have taken ten photos before they finally were both looking at me...we'll all most...
Of course it's winter so I thought all the pictures would look kind of dull. So I started playing around with the color accent feature on the camera. This one is picking up the oranges:
This one the greens:
They were so patient while waiting for me to stop take pictures all the time:
My husband said the green moss everywhere reminded him of Ireland:
Me and my Charles:
Loved loved the green:
And the puppies even got to swim a bit...well Anna swims and Charlie pretends to. He waits until she gets the stick and then takes it when she gets to shore.

Here's Anna digging at a stick:
Almost got it!
Me and Charlie again:
I take a lot of photos of Charlie...can't help it :)
It was a gorgeous day for a walk:

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