Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snow and Movies

My husband got a great chance to go with some co-workers to Vermont next week to go snow boarding. I was invited too but with the two trips to Texas for my graduate studies in the next couple of months, I really couldn't afford the trip. But I am super excited for him. He grew up in Texas, went to undergrad in Alabama, and when he moved to Colorado (where we met) he fell in love with the snow and snow boarding. He's great at it too! He just goes right into a field of trees and can manouver so well. While I'll miss him I'm actually going to enjoy a little "chick" time by myself. Semester starts up next week and while it should be a pretty easy week, school-wise, I know I'm going to miss the freedom of not being tied to my computer 24/7. So I saw that PBS is having a Jane Austen marathon/festival thing and I have to say I am a fan of her books. Not for any "deeper" meaning or "intellectual" stimulation they bring...but that they are sheer fluffy fun books. So I am going to curl up and drink something warm and enjoy my freedom and DH can enjoy the snow with the boys.

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