Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Kentucky Stroll

A little while ago my husband, the dogs, and I went on a little walk around our house.  We found a nice 3 mile loop that we enjoy.

I decided to grab my camera on one of the walks and share some of the photos:

I love the flowers around here:

I see these all the time:

Here's Charlie on the walk:

I just love the wide open space with beautiful clouds:


I have no clue what these trees are but aren't they cool? (Thank you Lauri W - these are mimosa trees!)

Kentucky also has some beautiful sunsets:

Hope you enjoyed some Kentucky photos!


  1. Oh, I love those little flowers! We have them up here, too, but they're dying in the horrible monsoon-like weather.

    Love you pictures! It is truly beautiful around your house. Lucky you :)

  2. Lovely photos! Some of these would make great desktop backgrounds.

  3. What great photos! Thanks for sharing! It looks so beautiful around where you live - what a wonderful place to take a stroll. I loved that flower - the white one that looked like a bunch of little white ones.

  4. Beautiful! Looks a lot like Texas, but Kentucky is far greener this time of year. Everything here is looking a touch droopy and brown.

  5. Good doesn't look like that in Vegas! :)

  6. It is in photos like these, that you realise how big the sky really is. When you are in enclosed towns, the sky just doesn't stand out as much.

  7. I've just been enjoying your blog and pics today - and to answer your question about the trees, they're mimosas. I live in south Arkansas ans they're everywhere. The flowers smell delicious.