Saturday, June 7, 2014

Glittering Promises - Lisa T. Bergren

Title: Glittering Promises (Grand Tour #3)
Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Paperback: 443 pages (my version ebook)
Publisher: David C Cook
Published date: 2013
FTC: Requested from Netgalley

When I saw the third book in Lisa T. Bergren's Grand Tour series on Netgalley, I knew I wanted to check it out. I really enjoyed the first two books, check out my review of book one Glamorous Illusions. This Christian fiction series has a cute romance story but I actually really liked the characters, especially the leading lady Cora Kensington. I also loved watching the characters tour around pre-WWI Europe.

Back of the book:

For Cora Kensington, the Grand Tour was to be the trip of a lifetime. She discovered the family she never knew she had and may have even found the love she longs for in Will. Yet her life has just become infinitely more challenging...

Hounded by the stubborn pursuit of Pierre de Richelieu and journalists chasing the beguiling story of the newest American heiress, Cora fights to remain true to her past, reconcile her present, and still embrace her future. But as Will struggles with her newfound wealth, Cora begins to wonder if their love is strong enough to withstand all that threatens to pull them apart.

As she glimpses the end of the tour, Cora knows it's time to decide Who and what defines her...and who and what does not.

My thoughts:

While book one, Glamorous Illusions, was my favorite book of the series, I thought Ms Bergren did a great job in book two and three of rounding out the characters and really showing their realistic struggles with each other and with their faith.

To be honest, the story can sometimes seem a little ridiculous.  Cora finds herself not only as the illegitimate child of one of the wealthiest men in America, but after coming into her own fortune, she also becomes the wealthiest woman in America. She is pursued by the wealthy European Pierre de Richelieu, hounded by journalists, and chased by a villain intent on kidnapping her. Ok. That's a lot going on.

But what I loved about the story is that Cora's and Will's internal struggles were something every one could identify with. Do we let our jobs, finances, relationships define us or are we defined by God? We all have to decide Who not what defines us. Sometimes Cora and Will drove me crazy by their childish behavior and lack of communication - but isn't that realistic too? Often we are our best worst enemy.

I loved the armchair traveling in this last book. Traveling around Italy I was Googling sites as they went. I loved that some of the excitement in the story happened at Pompeii and then the next book I read was also located near Pompeii although during WWII. How interesting is that? This series is great if you want to do a lot of armchair traveling.

I am loving Ms Bergren's story telling and am looking forward to checking out her other novels.

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