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Author Interviews and Guest Posts

Katherine Reay - Lizzy & Jane (author interview)

Nicole Galland - Godiva (author interview)

Lynda Simmons - Island Girl (author interview)

Teddy Wayne - Kapitoil  (author interview)

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog this morning because of a post you wrote on the book Shoot the Moon. The author was a close friend of mine and she died a few months ago. In the past when I would see a post like this I would forward it to her so she could read it. I miss her. Reading readers who have read her book make me smile. I hope you read the other books she wrote. Also, another author friend of mine lives in Las Vegas. You need to read Armani, All Mine by Connie Porter. I'll get you hooked up with meeting her. You will love her and her work.