Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doctor Who Giveaway!

TLC Book Tours and Ebury Publishing are being awesome and letting me give away either a copy of the Festival of Death or Who-ology.  Not MY copies - I'm greedily keeping my copies :)  They are also letting me have the giveaway be international - o yeah!!  You can go back and check out my review of Festival of Death.

I'll admit I think the Who-ology book is awesome for any Doctor Who fan - new or old.  How cool is this little chunkster?

For instance, I didn't know that before the Ninth Doctor meets Rose, the Great Time War happens.  I was always a little confused about this.  How cool of a movie or series would the Great Time War make?

There's a TON of fun factoids. Some I'm staying away from as I'm currently catching up on Season Six on Netflix. Yeah I don't have TV so don't even tell me what's going on with the current season.  They CAN'T reveal the Doctor's name.  Sheesh.

I'll just leave you with a poster that if anyone wants to buy for me...  They just had to go and have an episode of the Doctor meeting Vincent van Gogh -- swoooon!!!

You can buy it for me here :)



  1. Just discovered your blog and i love it! I'll read your blog in future !

  2. Definitely a new fan of your blog. KUTGW!