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Comfort Food - Kate Jacobs

Title: Comfort Food
Author: Kate Jacobs
Paperback: 341 pages
Audiobook narrated by: Barbara Rosenblat
Publisher: Berkley/Penguin
Published date: 2008
FTC: won from Stephanie's Written Word - thank you!
Listened to the audiobook as a library rental

As I mentioned a while ago, I was reading some heavy books and in between I was needing lighter reads.  I fell in love with Erica Bauermeister's School of Essential Ingredients (my review) and was craving more foodie books.  I'd won Kate Jacobs' novel Comfort Food and have a few of her Knitting series books on my self to read as well.  This seemed like the perfect timing.  But instead of reading the book, I found that the library had the audiobook so I listened to Barbara Rosenblat's awesome narration while doing chores around the house.  While I was expecting something a la Bauermeister, I got something completely different but still entertaining and fun.

Back of the book:

Shortly before turning the big five-oh, Cooking with Gusto! TV personality Augusta "Gus" Simpson finds herself planning a birthday party she'd rather ignore -- her own.  To make things worse, the network wants to boost her ratings by teaming Gus with the beautiful, ambitious, and younger Carmen Vega -- the former Miss Spain, no less.

But Gus isn't going without a fight -- whether it's off set with her two demanding daughters, on camera with the vicious beauty queen herself, or after hours with Oliver, the new culinary producer who's raising Gus's temperature beyond the comfort zone. Now, in pursuit of higher ratings and culinary delights, Gus might be able to rejuvenate more than just her career.

My thoughts:

Some authors have this beautiful way of writing where I just want to eat the pages -- Erica Bauermeister, Sarah Addison Allen, and Laura Esquivel are just a few.  I was totally expecting one of those books because of the title. This is NOT one of those books. BUT! After I quickly realized that, I just sat back and enjoyed the yarn that Kate Jacobs spun. (I can totally see how she writes knitting novels too...pun intended.)

Gus Simpson is such a great character and in the audio book, Barbara Rosenblat was the perfect narrator. She has a kind of sweet gruff voice which reminded me of Kathleen Turner, and was perfect for a character who was turning 50 and in the middle of a mid-life crisis.  Her show may be cancelled, her daughters have left the nest and are struggling in their own lives, and her main competition at work is the beautiful Carmen Vega.  Barbara Rosenblat did an awesome job of narrating Carmen's voice -- I totally pictured the lovely Sofia Vergara as Carmen Vega.

The story is about families, falling in love, moving on, dealing with crises, and of  I just enjoyed the chaos of the story and the many side characters: the daughters who were annoyingly childish at times and still learning to fly the coop, Gus's best friend who is a recluse with a hidden past, and even Carmen Vega who's beauty still couldn't hide her insecurities.  And who doesn't love cooking shows?  I am so not a reality TV fan but I do enjoy cooking shows.  I'd love to see this book made into a movie because I want to check out the chaos that became her cooking show.

Extra stuff:

While I listened to the audiobook, I do own the paperback thanks to Stephanie's Written Word.  AND! My copy is signed :)

There's also a couple added recipes at the back of the book which I always love finding.  Mmmm.

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