Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why hello!

Before my last post on Lost Lustre - seriously really enjoyed that book - I realized that I hadn't posted in FOREVER!  Time sure flies!

So what's been up with me?  Well, we finally closed and moved into our new home.  After moving from a small NYC apartment to Kentucky to finally Las Vegas, we don't have much furniture.  So we are still looking for a couch, chairs, tables, etc.

The pups are loving the house though.  They've claimed the stair landings as their own:

  They don't even mind the wood floors:
I still haven't unpacked all my books or bought bookshelves.  These are just the ones that I've received since I moved from NYC or review books.  I'll do a separate post highlighting some of these cool books.
My husband got me the coolest gift - a new car!!!  Now we don't have to share the truck and he doesn't have to bum rides from co-workers.  I am so excited!

Here's a photo of my drive on the way to work.  Oh yeah, I also got a job!  It's minimum wage which isn't the greatest but hey, at least I'm working which is pretty good in this job environment.  It's also at a bookstore chain in their cafe so at least there are perks :)

What else.  I'm behind on my Alaskan friend's birthday present - aren't these cool?  They are space invader mittens:
What else.  Oh yeah, I found out I am pregnant!  Yep! I'm almost 11 weeks so if everything goes well we should be welcoming a new little one into our lives in late May or early June.  I have been unbelievably and ridiculously tired because of this (and a new home and new job).  This is going to be our first child and wasn't planned but we are excited (and a bit terrified).  My family and friends have rallied though and sent me some great books.  Here's some loot:
I've also got some great books to review coming up.  I've finished a couple fun classics for the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list - The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and She by H. Rider Haggard.

I also read a cool book called Hard Cache by Charles Neff which was perfect for the RIP V Challenge (which I desperately need to update after my reviews).  I also finished the latest Tana French novel The Faithful Place and really enjoyed it.  I also tried a new genre for me - urban fantasy which I actually really liked in Kelly Armstrong's book Waking the Witch.  Watch for that review because I'll be giving away a hardback copy of that book.  I'm currently reading Robert Parry's book on Queen Elizabeth I and the mathematician and astronomer John Dee called The Virgin and the Crab and it is AWESOME. 

Ok.  I think that's it.  I will try and find where I put my real camera so I can post photos that are a bit better than iPhone photos and will be definitely posting more on this blog.  Thanks for sticking around!

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