Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few photos of desert life

I've been lax in posting recent photos since I moved to Las Vegas.  For those of you wondering, I LOVE the desert, the sun, the heat, and well, I'm just a Western girl at heart.  So here's just a few random photos:

This was taken with my iPhone while walking the dogs at sunset:

This is a little hill/mountain by our new home:

The entrance into our new community.  I love those big trees:

Some beautiful flowers growing in the yard of the place we are renting right now:

A close-up of Charlie Dog.  (Yeah those little people statues aren't ours):

Some stuff from the garden where we are renting.  Yeah, seriously.  We are going to try and grow a garden at our new home:

That's about it!

Will take more photos soon, I promise!


  1. It looks so pretty where you live. Happy weekend.

  2. I saw "Army of Darkness". I would keep an eye on those little tiny people if I were you.

  3. What a gorgeous local environment you have.
    Thanks for sharing, but more piccies please :-)

  4. The photos are just great! Thanks for sharing

  5. What a beautiful place to live! Thanks for visiting my blog today, Amanda! :)

  6. What lovely pictures! And Charlie Dog is insanely adorable.

  7. Such neat photos!

    Just in case that you are reading away the day for the readathon, I’m sending you a quote for your encouragement:

    There are two motives for reading a book;
    one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.

    ~ Bertrand Russell ~

  8. I wanted to comment on your current post but there wasn't a place so I scrolled down until I found a comment section.

    Congrats on all of your exciting news. The baby, the job, ( I secretly want to work at a bookstore) and the car! You have had a lot going on as have I! Congrats on everything and just rest up. You are going to need it:)