Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Ok, I know it's Friday but I'm looking forward to the weekend. The husband and I (and the pups) are heading out of town for a bit of fun/work. My husband has to take his FE exam (eight hours long!) while I get to loll about in Albany/Schenectady and do my thing. Then we're off to celebrate after he's done. Yippee!

Odd notes:

--I'm excited to see Albany, a town I've never been to because I'm an unabashed fan of this song (you can't make fun, I grew up with that song)

--Schenectady...seriously...I thought I had it rough living in (and trying to spell) Winnemucca when I was little

--Fellow New Yorkers: What happened to Autumn?? It is FREEZING here now. Sigh. I'm stubbornly refusing to wear my winter coat...but have resorted to wearing a hoodie under my jacket...sigh

--Fellow New Yorkers: What is there to do or see in Albany/Schenectady?


  1. Have a great weekend, Amanda :)

  2. Hi Sis, You posted the German version of the song instead of the Engligh version. I like the German version too.

  3. Hi Sis, you posted the German version of the song. I like it too. LOVE the song, brings back memories.

  4. The only thing we ever went to the Albany/Schenectady for was:

    1) Puppy class with Tucker
    2) Shopping
    3) Flying out of Albany airport
    4) Visiting some college friends

    So I probably can't help you out with good stuff to do. You could go to the capitol and see the Egg, I guess. Or you could keep going up the Northway and go to Lake George. ;-)

    As for where fall went ... well, fall in upstate New York is about from the last two weeks of August to the first two weeks of October. After that -- winter!

  5. Hi,
    Are you the Amanda that went to Sonoma Heights? The one that was related to Abe Lincoln? Good friends with Adriane Booth...

    I was searching Winnemucca in the blogs and you popped up.

    Michelle Urain (Hammond)