Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where Do You Read?

So where do YOU read? Do you read when you travel? Have a comfy couch you curl up on? Do you fall asleep reading or read before bed?

On a ferry boat to Vancouver Island:

Waiting for dinner at Tough City Sushi in Tofino, Canada:


  1. I read where ever I can!! I especially love reading on the balcony of my apartment!

    p.s. You are too adorable, you know that?

  2. I read in my big, cushy chair. And while eating lunch. While waiting for appointments. Basically, whenever and wherever I can get away with it. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...enjoy Queen of the Road!

  3. Mostly just on my lunch break at work, which is why I get irritable on days when I don't get a lunch break!

  4. Ha ha! All of the above. :) The bottom picture of the outside patio looks like a perfect place to read! Is your husband a big reader as well?

  5. I read on a couch, sitting just like you at that picture.

    I just discovered your blog so, here I am. I really enjoy it.

    see you around