Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Living Places

I love living in different places. I'm so spoiled because it's so much better than traveling and seeing a place for a week. Although there are many many places I'd only like to see for a week but not live. Ok...rambling on...

Here's just a brief synopsis of places I've "lived":

Colorado (birth-6)
Utah (one year)
Nevada (four years)
Colorado (year and a half)
Tennessee (year and a half)
Alaska (four years)
Colorado (five years)
Wales, UK (four months)
Alaska (one year)
Nevada (two years)
New York (going on one year)

Wow...that actually adds up...

Anyway...it's still nice when places I've lived in turn up in the news. It's no Running of the Bulls, but hey...

Ok...so when WE went to the Fur Rendevous in Anchorage just a few years ago it wasn't ANYTHING like this. Arg.

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